DPReview känner på Nikon D4s

februari 26, 2014 i Tester av admin

DPReview är först ut med en kort ”klämma-på-test” av Nikons nya flaggskepp Nikon D4s. Som vanligt är DPreview väldigt ingående även med förhandstester. Som många andra redan skrivit, så finner de inga fruktansvärt spännande nyheter i Nikon D4s jämfört med Nikon D4, även om det är många små förbättringar och tweaks under huven och ett helt bländarstegs förbättrad ljuskänslighet. Enligt DPreview skall krutet istället ligga på videosidan, med 60 FPS i full HD, trots att inspelningstiden är väldigt kort. Sammanfattning följer nedanför.

First Impressions

There’s no doubt that the Nikon D4 was a top-notch professional DSLR. Perhaps that’s why the D4s doesn’t feel like a very exciting upgrade, despite the countless tweaks to both design and features, performance, autofocus, and movie features. Perhaps the feature that working pros will appreciate the most is the increase in battery life compared to the D4. The ‘newly designed’ CMOS sensor and image processor also allowed Nikon to squeeze in an extra stop at the top end of the ISO range.

Seeing how the D4 was already so strong in terms of still quality, Nikon focused more of its attention on video. You can now record at 1080/60p (though not for terribly long), use auto ISO so shutter speed and aperture are not disturbed, and output uncompressed video over HDMI while you’re recording to an XQD or CF card. Despite those improvements, the 10 minute recording limit and lack of focus peaking and zebra pattern leave something to be desired.

Current owners of the D3 and D3s will no doubt find the D4s a worthy update. Whether D4 owners will upgrade to the D4s is less clear, as the major changes are specific to certain shooting situations, many of which were brought up by professionals who’ve been living with the D4 since it was made available around the time of the 2012 London Olympics. If its exposure at the more recent Winter Olympics is any indication, it’s safe to say that you’ll be seeing a lot more of the D4s at major sporting and news-making events.