DPreview recenserar Nikon D800

maj 9, 2012 i Recensioner av admin

DPreview, producent av skrämmande detaljerade recensioner,  har nu även betat av Nikon D800.

Mycket läsning för de som ännu inte bestämt sig.

The Final Word

As you can see by the pros and cons list at the top of the page, we’re very impressed by the D800. Nikon has built upon what made the D700 such a pleasing camera to use and added features that do more than simply fill out a spec sheet.

Despite its massive pixel count, the D800 is in many important respects an evolutionary camera. This isn’t a bad thing. Nikon users coming from the D700 will feel largely at home with the D800, but where changes have been made they (usually) have the effect of improving the shooting experience compared to the older model.

Of course, the game changer is that you now have 36MP at your disposal, a resolution that was, until the D800 announcement, the sole province of very expensive medium format cameras/backs. The D800 does indeed offer a level of fine detail that ranks it among the best performers we’ve subjected to our studio testing. Yet, I’d caution anyone who considers buying the D800 solely, or even primarily because of its ultra-high resolution. Pushing this camera to its maximum level of detail requires an investment of both time (methodical preparation) and money (the very best lenses Nikon makes).

Fortunately, the D800 also excels in areas that require no extra effort on your part; notably its impressive high ISO performance, fast and accurate AF system and the wide dynamic range of its image files. These are attributes that most of us are likely to call on far more often than the need to view 20×30 prints at a very close distance. The D800 is a camera that consistently delivers high quality results, under a wide range of shooting conditions with a minimum of fuss. There’s not much more you can ask for in a photographic tool than that. Our admittedly minor complaints of the camera and its relatively slow frame rate don’t detract from how impressive a performer it is for all but pro sports/action photography. As such we’ve awarded it our highest honor, the Gold Award.