ISO-jämförelse mellan Nikon D4 och D4s

februari 26, 2014 i Tester av admin

ClubSnap har postat en serie testkort i höga ISO med Nikon D4 och Nikon D4s.

Skribenten påpekar dock att det skiljer en hel del i skärpeinställningar mellan husen.

Just to clarify, after the test shots were done, I realized there are a couple of points we missed as we were rushing a bit to get the test shots in. The purpose of this comparison is not meant to be scientific anyway, since we have restrictions on time and place. The points to note are:

1. Both cameras are set to High ISO NR Normal.

2. The 24-70 lenses used are not the same lens. The 24-70 mounted on the D4s belongs to Nikon Singapore, while the one mounted on the D4 is my personal property. No focus checking/tuning was done on the D4s, while my D4 and 24-70 has been my bread and butter combo for a while now.

3. The SD picture style was used in both cameras, but the sharpening in my D4 is set 2 notches higher (at 7). I missed this one setting before starting the quick test shots.

4. We found that both cameras are returning slightly different shutter speeds in some situations. So we decided to use Aperture priority mode instead. If anyone is interested, the D4s returned a slightly longer shutter speed than the D4 at some ISOs. We have no idea if this is due to a difference in metering, or due to the different angle.

Hope this helps!