Luminous Landscapes utlåtande om D800

april 7, 2012 i Tester av admin

Landskapsfotografernas favoritsida Luminous Landscape, har publicerat ett första utlåtande om D800, sett från landskapsfotografers perspektiv.

Closing Word

So all in all… the first days spent with the D800 don’t disappoint! I have found very few weaknesses so far and a lot to like.

This is obviously just the beginning of a long story…

 On the plus side:

  • I like the camera!
  • Pretty amazing all rounder,
  • Great image quality, in the same ballpark as the D3x at pixel level at low ISO… but with 1.5 times as many of those. DR is what I expected it to be. Clearly much superior at high ISO,
  • Very clear viewfinder makes decent (if not critical) manual focus possible. The VF seems superior to what I remember of the D3x and is clearly superior to the D7000,
  • Mirror damping seems excellent and hand held shooting is fairly easy, but the sound made by the mirror has a less robust feel than that of the D3x,
  • Live view is a bit of a mixed bag, but it is overall clearly improved compared to the implementation of the D3x. There is at least one new issues that may impact its usability for some applications. Live view is important enough that I devoted a special section to the topic below.
  • Very accurate auto-focus and focusing aid with all the lenses I tried (AF-S 24 f1.4, 35mm f2.0, AF-S 85 f1.4, AF-S 70-300 f4-5.6 VR),
  • The easy activation of auto-ISO by ISO button + front wheel is very convenient,
  • No problem using the 24mm PCE on the D800,
  • It seems to work pretty well with the 70-300 f4-5.6 VR although the gap in sharpness compared to top primes is obviously there. I am therefore not sure that the doomsday discussions about how demanding on lenses the camera is really applies,

 On the Minus Side:

  • At least one aspect of live view could have been implemented better (see below),
  • Predictably, battery life feels much shorter than with the D3x even in mild weather. That is at least the case when using Live View extensively. A fair test would of course require the usage of the battery pack using larger capacity batteries,
  • The default exposure with the mirror in place seems a bit hot. This being said, the slight under-rating of the ISO of the D800 helps LR recover blown highlights so that I don’t consider this as a real issue for now. It is worth noticing that the exposure in live view mode tends to under-expose a bit more,
  • The new auto-iso is so close to perfection that having more explicit control on the speed bias in auto mode would have been even better. I feel that it may be going for a bit too high speeds – to be confirmed,
  • The 2 axis level sensor is nice, but the non illuminated display in the viewfinder is hard to see in low light situations. I guess it can be said that it doesn’t intrude in daylight situations.