Nikons filmspärrar i D7000, D5100 och D3100 hackade

april 6, 2012 i Nyheter av admin

Nikon Hacker har hackat Nikons spärr för maximal filmtid i modellerna Nikon D7000, D5100 och D3100. Hacket tillåter filminspelning upp till 25-30 minuter, precis som på nya syskonen D4/D800.

I deras bloggpost beskriver de mer detaljer och efterfrågar betatestare av firmwaren för D3100. Tänk dock på att inofficiella firmwareuppdateringar sker på egen risk!

The FirmwarePatch tool is available here (now v1.2), it’s a .Net application, so you will need the 4.0 Framework installed. It should run under Mono.

To use:

  1. Download the D5100/D3100/D7000 firmware
  2. Download the FirmwarePatch tool
  3. From a command prompt run the patch tool with the first argument pointing to the location of the above firmware
  4. Copy the resulting output to your SD card and remove the “.patched” extension
  5. Upgrade firmware from D5100 menu, as per the normal Nikon instructions

This should not brick your camera, but if it does I and the other Nikon Hacker team members will not have/take responsibility for any damages or liability. I have this firmware on my camera, and have taken a 25 minute video with it, but result may vary. Also damages that may occur due to camera operation times longer than specified by original manufacturer are your responsibility.